Contour II Chair Unit
Contour II units are a combination of an ECO19 chair, a CSM spittoon and a Trionic 5 delivery unit. The chair has left and right, four button foot pads at the rear of the base, for controlling movements. Chairs are fitted with the large backrest TD3301# Later Trionic 5 units are suffixed S below.

Download the Contour II & Next installation guide (2008 on)

Download the Eco19 & Next operating manual
Download the ECO19 & Next upholstery & armrests i.d.

Download the CSM user’s manual. (See CSM page on this site for notes)

Download the User Manual T5S for later units (2008 on)
Download the Technical Supplement T5S for later units (2008 on)

Download the User Manual T5 for earlier units (pre 2008)
Download the Technical Supplement T5 for earlier units (pre 2008)

Download the Contour II Chair Wiring 03/08
Download the Contour II Chair Wiring 07/08 (22 1547 t/block added)
Download the Contour II Chair Wiring 06/15 (fuse wiring change)

Repair of the product must only be carried out by appropriately competent persons. This is particularly important where electrical work is concerned.

Page numbers below show the pdf page followed by the printed manual page number in brackets.

Earlier units:

The earlier Contour units (pre 2004) used a rectangular section arm for mounting the Trionic 5 delivery unit to the chair. Also, it used a rectangular upright to attach the unit head to the mounting arm. The upright contained the pressure regulators, rather than using a chassis in the chair utility box.

Prior to 2004 the chair utility box used a pneumatic water on-off control and not solenoid valves.

Please call us for information if you have a chair unit like that.

Rectangular mounting armTechnical Supplement T5page 29 (28)
Upright assemblyTechnical Supplement T5page 12 (11)

 The above upright was a shorter version of the assembly shown on page 12.

From 2004 to 2008 a supplementary mains on-off switch was used in addition to the chair on-off switch:

Services layoutTechnical Supplement T5page 14 (13)

Operating light:

If the unit was fitted with a factory supplied operating light it would be one of the following;

VisionHalogen operating light
PolarisL.E.D. operating light

Please refer to the separate pages for these lights on the product support pages of this website.
There are many combinations of instrumentation and spittoon options which may be installed. We recommend that you contact Tridac to confirm your requirements before placing an order.