Download the User’s Manual

The manual covers electrically operated models M0 (without suction) and M4 (with suction manifold) in most detail.

Early pneumatically operated spittoons are not covered. Please contact us if you require spares for those models.

Other models, such as with spittoon valves or centrifugal amalgam separators are fully described and wiring diagrams are included. However, there are no breakdown parts lists or diagrams included. If you have one of these models please contact us for information about parts not covered here.

Repair of the product must only be carried out by appropriately competent persons.

Please see section 1) of the manual.

For identification of service parts please view the following pages in the manual.

Page numbers show the pdf page followed by the printed manual page number in brackets.

List of common spare partspage 20 (17)
Parts list for base spittoon (model M0)page 21 (18)
Parts drawing for abovepage 22 (19)
Parts drawing & list for double arm & hangerpage 23 (20)
Parts drawing & list for short arm & hangerpage 24 (21)
Parts drawing and ID for suction manifoldpage 26 (23)
Parts drawing and ID for operating hosespage 26 (23)
Parts drawing & list for floor box (when fitted)page 27 (24)
Wiring diagram and circuit for base CSMpage 28 (25)
Wiring diagrams for various modelspage 29 (26) onwards

If you have any doubts at all about the parts you require, then please call the factory and we will be more than happy to help.

For information about how to purchase parts please see that item from the menu on the home page.