ECO Next Patient Chair

Download the ECO.Next Brochure

The ECO.Next chair is a highly evolved product which gives great reliability yet requires NO routine servicing.

From our experience with these chairs we have found that the versions below cover the large majority of user requirements. In both cases armrests in the grey colour of the base prove more practical than the white ones illustrated and would be supplied unless white is requested.

ECO.Next Fixed

Fixed top dental chair with electro mechanical lifting and backrest movements, with seat tilt synchronised to backrest movement (Trendelenburg). Features seamless upholstery, internal umbilical passageway, integrated utility box, joy stick foot control, return to exit programme, rinse position, last position backrest memory and 3 user programmable working positions.

The left-hand side of the chair has a concealed mounting point for attachment of a dental spittoon or unit, and/or operating light. Optionally, this can be repeated on the right-hand side of the chair.

The standard chair is supplied with a single articulating headrest, type Elle 2 Mobile AND magnetic pillow type C95.

Popular options:

Double articulating headrest, type ‘UNI’ in place of Elle 2 + pillow

Left armrest

Right armrest

Hand-made soft upholstery

ECO.Next Swivel

The ECO ‘Next’ Swivel chair offers the features of the fixed chair PLUS chair top rotation (± 30⁰) AND a central unit mounting bracket. The latter provides a front-of-chair mounting for dental units and/or light etc. It accommodates internal services and facilitates left to right transitions for suitably mounted equipment.

Popular options are as for the fixed chair above.