Intensity & colour temperature control

Download the Polaris Brochure.

Key features:

Variable colour temperature, 4,200K to 6,000K

Variable intensity, 8,000 to 50,000 lux

Faithful colour rendering, CRI >90

Cool light without infra-red in the beam

Well defined light field, 8 cm x 20 cm, tolerant of even one or two covered LEDs

Low energy consumption

Sensor on-off option

Long life

Available in unit mount, wall mount and ceiling mount versions.

Polaris is a unique light using 10 LEDs, each with its own parabolic reflector. Each reflector has 10 facets giving, in effect, a total of 100 light sources. This imbues it with an excellent resistance to casting shadows.

Moreover, the centre two LEDs are red and amber with a control allowing the mix of these colours into the light beam to be adjusted. The result is user variable colour temperature, which can be beneficial for better contrast of soft tissue, or for colour matching procedures.

Please download the brochure to see the full description of this excellent light’s features and functions.

For any further information or clarification you would like please contact us at Tridac and we will be happy to help.