Trionic 5 Units

Download the User Manual T5S for later units (2008 on)

Download the Technical Supplement T5S for later units (2008 on)

Download the User Manual T5 for earlier units (pre 2008)

Download the Technical Supplement T5 for earlier units (pre 2008)

Identification of Units

Later units are shown in the picture above left and have chair controls on the right-hand side of the panel.

The earlier units (shown left) had a slim, grey membrane panel, without chair control buttons.

Later units use black pneumatic control blocks. Earlier units used white control blocks.

The technical supplements contain information, drawings and part numbers for Cabinet Mounting, Cart and Chair Mounted versions.

Repair of the product must only be carried out by appropriately competent persons. This is particularly important where electrical work is concerned.

Pipe diagrams show the layout of pneumatic and water components and are key to understanding the fundamental operation of the units.
Page numbers below show the pdf page followed by the printed manual page number in brackets.

Pipe diagram for later unitsTechnical supplement T5S pages 34 & 35 (31 & 32)
Pipe diagram for earlier units Technical supplement T5 pages 32 & 33 (31 & 32)

There are several versions of the units and a number of options for instrumentation which may or may not be fitted to your product. There are too many combinations for us to suggest page numbers here. Please peruse the manuals appropriate to your unit and do call us if you have any doubts about identifying the correct parts for you.